4 Steps to Using Precision Data for Acreage Reporting

When using precision data for acreage reporting, a farmer does not need to use their FSA records for crop insurance. This means you can report to your Weller Insurance agent as soon as you are done planting.

The information that is required for acreage reporting includes:

  • acres
  • plant dates
  • crops planted

This data can all be recorded through precision equipment, and transferred electronically to Weller Insurance.

Here are the steps:

  1. Record data while planting
  2. Change setup between fields to indicate field and crop information
  3. Download data into FMS wirelessly or through a USB
  4. Send necessary data to agent electronically through the FMH Policyholder Center

Precision Data for Acreage Reporting Checklist

Download a helpful checklist from Farmers Mutual Hail, a partner of Weller Insurance. Checklists include:

  • equipment qualifications
  • planting setup
  • qualifying crops
  • harvest setup
  • calibration requirements
  • precision claims